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Developed MarTech Stack for an Omnichannel Retailer

During this consulting engagement, I worked with an omnichannel retailer whose goal was to streamline internal collaboration, optimize marketing campaign performance, and enable personalized, proactive communication with consumers. I developed a comprehensive MarTech (Marketing Technology) stack to cover their needs.

Recognizing the risk of a laissez-faire approach in selecting software—potentially leading to a bloated technology stack that slows down operations and dampens return on investment—I strategically audited and handpicked marketing technologies. These were carefully selected to augment the efficiency of the technology portfolio and ensure alignment with the retailer's overarching business objectives.

The designed MarTech stack was engineered to foster a profound understanding of the customers and enable its actionable use across all customer touchpoints. A key feature of the stack was the compatibility and synergistic function of the chosen tools, preventing the creation of isolated 'software islands'.

Given the growing customer expectations for personalized experiences, and in light of the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, the MarTech stack was designed with a customer data platform (CDP) at its core. This CDP acted as the command center, orchestrating authentic customer experiences using the rich first-party data it gathered.

The CDP receives information from siloed systems (i.e., data warehouses, marketing cloud, website, POS, etc.) and orchestrates the customer journey downstream through customer-facing systems that deliver the final experiences to the customer (i.e., CRM, call center, POS, website, ESP, DSP, direct mail, apps, etc.).

This project underscored the importance of strategic technology selection in marketing and the potential of a well-designed MarTech stack to amplify customer understanding and experiences.


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